Use Firefox with a dark theme without triggering dark themes on websites

With prefers-color-scheme, web developers can provide styles specifically for dark or light mode. Recently, Firefox started to display dark mode specific styles to users who used a dark Firefox theme, even if they have their system set to light mode.

There is a flag in Firefox that determines whether dark/light preferences are taken from the browser or from the browser theme.

This is how you set it:

  1. Go to about:config
  2. Search layout.css.prefers-color-scheme.content-override
  3. Set it to 0 to force dark mode, 1 to force light mode, 2 to set according to system’s colour setting or 3 to set according to browser theme colour


Personally, I feel respecting the system setting worked better. I hope it gets changed back. In the mean time, I hope this override helps.

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