Hello W3C!

In June, I will start working at the W3C as a Web Front-end Accessibility Specialist in the WAI team. This also means I’m leaving Mozilla and the City of The Hague, where I currently contract. Goodbye is never easy, but I’m very excited for this next challenge.

With 1¾ years, my freelance contract at Mozilla is my longest since I started contracting. Being a contractor is never forever, but I’m still sad to leave. I learn a lot and feel I am able to contribute a lot, too. I like this balance. It is great to work with Mozilla’s Open Innovation team, and specifically the IAM Project. I feel at home. It is difficult, too, at times, as our team is distributed across the globe in an ever-changing organisation (some of that is fun, too).

The majority of my time in the last year was spent on a project codenamed DinoPark, where people can browse other people’s profiles and edit their own. This is currently in Staff-only beta. Technically it is a Vue-based front-end which talks to back-ends using GraphQL. It is even more exciting from a human perspective. It fits Mozilla’s Manifesto in many ways, for example in privacy (how it lets users control who can see their data), security (designed with security at the core) and accessibility (we tackled accessibility challenges early in the process). I like and very much align with the Mozilla stance in the web, which is well captured in the manifesto… this makes me want to continue my relationship with Mozilla as a contributor. I’m still figuring out where that could be (there’s some ideas).

I will also leave the City of The Hague, where I rewrote the existing front-end code into a component-based system, exposed as a pattern library. I also worked on the accessibility throughout this system and the web pages it powers. Working for the government is something I had wanted for a long time, because governments have lots of IT problems, and solving them right can provide incredible value to people’s lives.

I will certainly miss working with both of these teams.

But really, the web is not accessible enough, and I feel like I’ve developed a passion for helping people get it right. At work, but also through talks and workshops. I’m delighted that I’ll get to spend more time on accessibility work.

In the last 10 years, I was often the “accessibility person” on the team. In my role at W3C, I am excited to become a person who is part of an “accessibility team”. I’ll be a Web Front-end Accessibility Specialist, working on WAI-Guide, that’s mostly what I know and can share right now. I’m equally nervous and excited for what awaits me.

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Luc Princen wrote on 27 May 2019:
Awesome! Congrats!!
Charis Rooda wrote on 27 May 2019:
Roel Nieskens wrote on 27 May 2019:
Awesome! Congrats to the W3C on getting you on board!
HJ Chen @ wrote on 27 May 2019:
congratulations! you're such a good fit for this role
Rik Schennink wrote on 27 May 2019:
Congrats! ☀️
Stefan Judis wrote on 27 May 2019:
Very exciting! Congrats Hidde!
Koen Kivits wrote on 27 May 2019:
Awesome move, congrats!
Kilian Valkhof wrote on 27 May 2019:
nice, congrats!
Damien Senger • hiwelo. wrote on 27 May 2019:
Christian Schaefer wrote on 27 May 2019:
Eric Eggert wrote on 27 May 2019:
Welcome to the team! @sabouzah will keep you busy!
Marcus Herrmann wrote on 27 May 2019:
If the W3C were a soccer club I would say: Great transfer! Congratulations!
Jewwy Qadri wrote on 27 May 2019:
Wow, congrats. Very nice move.
Jay Kid wrote on 27 May 2019:
That's so cool
Jon Pearse wrote on 27 May 2019:
Congrats, man! That’s awesome news!
Ron Derksen wrote on 27 May 2019:
Congrats! Great move and the W3C will definitely benefit.
Andy Shora wrote on 27 May 2019:
Zell Liew wrote on 27 May 2019:
wrote on 27 May 2019:
Erik Kroes wrote on 27 May 2019:
Congratulations and I'm very curious to see where this will bring you!
aga naplocha wrote on 27 May 2019:
Bruce Lawson wrote on 27 May 2019:
Excellent news!good luck!
Joshua Marshall wrote on 27 May 2019:
Congratulations, great news
Bernard Nijenhuis wrote on 27 May 2019:
Geffrey van der Bos wrote on 27 May 2019:

Congratulations Hidde! I am very curious about DinoPark. Sounds somewhat like a 'more accessible' Indieweb. I will keep an eye on that. Tell us more when you can! And of course, enjoy your new position at W3C! You're a perfect fit! Cheers!

Ana Rodrigues wrote on 27 May 2019:
Great news! Congratulations
Max Böck wrote on 27 May 2019:
that's huge - congratulations!
Robert wrote on 27 May 2019:
Congrats dude! Sounds like a perfect fit for you!
Hidde wrote on 27 May 2019:
thanks, Aga!
David Hund ✌ wrote on 27 May 2019:
Tof! Veel succes en plezier!
Hidde wrote on 27 May 2019:
Dat vind ik ook, zin in!
Tim Severien wrote on 27 May 2019:
They're lucky to have you. Congrats!
Dominique van Gimst wrote on 27 May 2019:
Zo dan!! Nice...Gefeliciteerd #lekkerbezig
Hidde wrote on 27 May 2019:
Thanks, Eric! I think this might mean we'll get to hang out more :-)
@wnas wrote on 27 May 2019:
@hdv goed bezig meneer!!!
Marcus on a11y wrote on 27 May 2019:
A great win for the future of web accessibility. CONGRATS!
CSS {IRL} wrote on 27 May 2019:
People whose writing I’m loving at the moment:
So much inspiration
CSS Basics wrote on 27 May 2019:
Naming things to improve accessibility, by @hdv hiddedevries.nl/en/blog/2019-0…
CSS Basics wrote on 27 May 2019:
Naming things to improve accessibility, by @hdv hiddedevries.nl/en/blog/2019-0…
Pelumi wrote on 28 May 2019:
God when
Damien Senger • hiwelo. wrote on 28 May 2019:
Hey @hdv & @ZoeBijl, I've a question for you: I am in a middle of a chat about accessible names for images. When reading this (w3.org/TR/html-aapi/#…) I have the feeling that an image w/ aria-label but w/o alt would be a valid way to provide a textual alternative. Any thoughts?