Joining Sanity

Mid February I will start a new job: I am excited to join the developer relations team at Sanity!

I had my last day at W3C in October (look, my cool URI didn’t change) and set out to be mostly away from work for a couple of months. I guess I’m not great at this, as, besides another school lockdown here, I got fairly busy with existing projects. I did some WCAG audits, workshops, conference talks and… interviewing. I wanted to make sure to find the right place and took the time to do it. Having been a contractor for over a decade, it was my first time doing interviews, eh, ever.

My work at WAI taught me to consider the web in terms of systems like authoring/developer tools and user agents, as they impact the web in some very specific ways. It became clear to me I wanted my next role to be at a company that is heavily involved in somehow making the web better through tools like that. Whatever a better web looks like… more accessible, more secure, more privacy-aware… I got to talk to a number of different companies working on browsers, design system tooling, browser add-ons, web standards and content management tools. I could write about the job hunting process, but Mu-An already did that brilliantly.

The Sanity developer relations team made a great impression. The company has a cool product that solves some important problems, a friendly community (plus focus on keeping it healthy), lots of ecosystem, aaaand… there could be lots of new ecosystem possibilities. Sanity’s Year in 2021 blog post has a lot more detail on what Sanity is up to.

For the next few weeks, I will be finishing my current accessibility consulting projects with the Dutch government and Mozilla, go on holiday and then, get this new chapter started!

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