Joining CSSWG

This week I joined the CSS Working Group (CSSWG) as an Invited Expert. I'm super grateful for this chance to try and make myself useful in a group whose outputs shaped so much of my professional interests (they make CSS!).

I'm somewhat nervous about this, but also not completely new to CSS or web standards. My background with CSS is that I've been a long time fanboy of the language, and a keen follower of new developments through events (9 times CSS Day attendee of which 2 as a speaker). The CSSWG folks I've met so far are very friendly, no exceptions. My background with standards is that I've participated in the Open UI Community Group for just over two years, and worked as W3C Staff to promote accessibility standards, help simplify developer documentation and build standard-related tooling like the ATAG and WCAG-EM Report Tools. As such, I am experienced with some of the W3C process.

Despite not being completely new, I've yet to figure out my focus and where I could help. The CSSWG does a daunting amount of work (see the charter), and there are certain specs and features I'm especially interested in, like the ones close to Open UI. I think I will start with attending the telecons, listen and learn. Ultimately, I hope to make myself actually useful, maybe help with demos and content (like explainers or explanatory blog posts or talks), or by sharing a web developer's perspective. And opinions, maybe!

I'm excited for this opportunity, many thanks to Tantek, Miriam and others for their encouragement. I look forward to involve in standards outside accessibility and, yeah, try and make myself useful 🙃

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What great news! There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll not just be useful, but will make a really positive and deeply-appreciated impact on the web. Congratulations!